Youth Pastor Diet

Pandemic Pounds Edition


Unprecedented Pounds

The word “unprecedented” has been used an unprecedented number of times in 2020. We’ve HEARD FROM YOU—you’re actually admitting that you’ve packed-on more than a few pounds this year as you’ve as you’ve been doing youth ministry from the couch and online. The lockdown turned into an exercise shutdown… and now you’re wondering, “Hmmm, I didn’t think I ate THAT much.” We get you… we understand you… we ARE you!

As a result, [drumroll] enter the Youth Pastor Diet: Pandemic Pounds Edition!

For 100 days we’re going to battle together against the sedimentary bulge, take on the freshman fifteen (or 50) that we added during the pandemic one glazed old fashioned donut at a time. Whether you’re just a little softer than you want to be or don’t even recognize yourself anymore, this contest will encourage and empower you to start the new year with a fresh physical focus with a bunch of like-minded ministry friends.

Proven Benefits of YPD


The #1 reason people are thankful they joined the Youth Pastor Diet is that they discover an amazing group of people who are in a similar journey. In past years our group has lost literal TONS of weight and we’ve seen lives changed forever. The community and support became the catalyst to change. Recipe ideas, accountability, friendship, progress pictures (optional) and more accompany you on this journey TOGETHER.

NEW this year: Three ways to enter (1) Individual, (2) Married Couples, (3) Teams of three.


Oh, and did we mention your health?! Seriously, we recognize that just losing weight doesn’t necessarily make you healthier, but it’s definitely a start and can lead you to the lifestyle you want to lead instead of the lifestyle you have convinced yourself that you have to lead. Let’s get more movement and less calories.


We’ll provide a little cash prize to incentivize you along the way, and an occasional surprise drawing. Contests are fun and all, but the real win is a healthier you. 


$ 15

Per Month
  • Exclusive one of a kind t-shirt (in your future size)
  • Access to private YPD Facebook Community (with those who sign up)
  • A chance at the cash grand prize

Married Couples

$ 25

Per Month
  • Two exclusive one of a kind t-shirts (in your future size)
  • Access to private YPD Facebook Community (with those who sign up)
  • A chance at the cash grand prize

Teams of 3

$ 35

Per Month
  • Three exclusive one of a kind t-shirts (in your future size)
  • Access to private YPD Facebook Community (with those who sign up)
  • A chance at the cash grand prize


Frequently Asked Questions

Does each person of the 3-person team have to pay separately?

Nope! Actually, we’re not even equipped to take multiple payments. If you’re a married couple or a team, we just want one of you to pay for the couple/team ($25 for a couple, $35 for a team of 3). One person pays, the other people on the team venmo you their share (so easy–you’re welcome). Whoever registers your couple/team we’ll use your last name as your team!

What does the winning individual, Married couple or Team get?

We’ll have 7 different people win $100:

  • Individual male $100… and… Individual female $100
  • Married couple $200
  • Team of three $300

How will you pick the winners?

Easy! The end weight subtracted from the starting weight… plus, verified before/after photos. Here’s what you do:

  • On January 18th you’ll enter your starting weight in the YPD app. If you’re participating as an individual it’s just your weight. If you’re participating as a couple it’s the 2 of you combined… and if you’re part of a team we need all 3 weights combined as your starting weight.
  • Take a before picture in a bathing suit (or similar) as a starting record. You are under NO OBLIGATION to post that picture anywhere and you’re only taking it for verification if you/couple/team end up on the leaderboard.

We’ll contact you for your before/after photo before announcing the winner.

Don’t you know that fat loss is different than weight loss and it should be a fat loss percentage rather than a weight lost percentage?

Thank you for your question, Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Yes, we know muscle weighs more than fat, but since most people don’t have access to Hydrostatic weighing, we’ve chosen the simpler route of using a scale for this contest.

We also encourage people to note progress by (a) how their clothes feel, (b) how they feel, (c) how they look different in pictures, and (d) measurements (see: 

Can I join the contest after it starts on 1/18/21?

Absolutely! This is a 100-day challenge, so there’s plenty of time to join us! Jump in and have fun.

When is the final weigh in day?

Enter your final weight before noon (PDT) on Wednesday, April 28th, 2021. We will take a little time to verify winners so sit tight.

Do you have to be a full-time Youth Pastor to enter the contest?

No! We want youth pastors, volunteers, friends, spouses… it will be easier for you to stay motivated if you’re not doing it alone. Invite others to join your team and introduce them to an amazing community.

Can I bulk up before the contest? What if I’m discouraged and losing right away?

You CAN bulk up if you want to … but those folks have never come close to winning a contest thus far. And you can take heart if you’re discouraged or defeated out of the gate, it is easy for some to lose quick water weight then quickly fall off the leaderboards when that begins to taper off. Slow and steady for the whole 100 days has won the race in EVERY YPD contest so far. Hang in there!

Is there a diet plan included?

There is no official “diet plan” so you’re free to use whatever method you so choose to be healthy/lose weight. The best way, and most effective long term, is to learn to develop eating habits where you’re in a calorie deficit, exercising regularly, and staying motivated through the entire 100 days. There will be many great ideas and options presented within the private Facebook group. Several of our previous winners and biggest losers are “paying it forward” and joining the contest again just to give tips and encouragement. Take advantage of these people as many of them lost 30-40% of their body weight in 100 days.

How do I get access to the private Facebook group?

After you register, you’ll receive a confirmation email that will have a link to our Facebook page. Request to be added to the group and our administrator will double-check that you’ve registered, and you’ll be added soon after. The Facebook group is where the magic of community happens.

Can I get a receipt?

Absolutely! Immediately after you register, you’ll receive an email receipt from more than dodgeball for couples and teams we are only offering one receipt—sorry. The receipt should be in your inbox right away and if it’s not please check spam/junk before you contact us.

How is the 2021 YPD different than previous Youth Pastor Diets?

It’s different in several ways:

  1. We’re lowering the entrance fee and reducing the hype/value of the prizes and putting more emphasis on the community and the encouragement.
  2. We’re adding Married Couples and Teams of 3 (which should be fun and increase the accountability).
  3. We’re not making a leader board accessible 24/7… we’ll update occasionally on the Facebook Group instead (too much drama or easy discouragement last time).
  4. We’re providing everyone a fun YPD T-shirt that you won’t be embarrassed to wear.
  5. We’re having one Facebook Group instead of a male/female one.
  6. This YPD is not technically sponsored by DYM because (a) Doug/Josh promised the team they wouldn’t do it again because (b) it takes too much time away from DYM’s core mission, but mostly because (c) DYM’s staff are all in shape except for Josh and Doug (cough/cough), and (d) a bunch of you asked if we were doing it again and Doug & Josh can’t say “no” to the youth workers they love so much.

When will I get the t-shirt?

Because this is a 100 day contest and sizes will change, we’re going to wait till the end to gather your size. We’ll send you (or your Team captain) something to fill out for your size(s) and we’ll ship it to you soon after the contest.

What if I have a question that isn’t on this page?

Fabulous! If you have questions that aren’t answered on this page, you can send an email to and we’ll get you an answer ASAP (and we may add your question to this FAQ page).